“I have received great treatment here, Dr. Troy has always checked anything that has been hurting me and taken care of any problems.  I have had a great experience here.  I would recommend him if you need chiropractic care.  I would tell you to come here.”

S. Haddon 2016

“Prior to coming to Journey Through Healing I was in some of the worst pain I have felt. Unable to walk, sleep, even lost my appetite. Since Dr. Troy has been working with me my level of energy, happiness, and well being has increased dramatically.  Dr. Troy is very gentle, unlike other chiropractors prior. Professional and kind, 10 stars will recommend to family and friends, no doubt.”

S. Watson,  2016

Dr. Troy Hubbell is very professional. Felt comfortable every time he works with you to get you great resutls. Very recommended.”

J. Ankrah,  2016


Hello Dr. Laurie;

The treatment you provided yesterday really produced results! I had been dealing with sciatic pain, all the way down my shins, for months. It was painful to sit, walk, stand, or move. There were some days the pain was so bad that I was in bed, flat on my back, for most of it.

Well, last night, no pain to speak of, and no pain (so far) today! I got on my inversion table to stretch and, of course, the usual popping and cracking as the joints reset themselves, but, again, just the slightest soreness in the left hip area and NO sciatica.

That kinetic tool of yours really works, and you my friend really know your field of medicine. To say I am impressed is an understatement.

Thanks so very much!  🙂

Warm regards,


I am writing a tribute to Dr. Laurie Hubbell-Smith. I fell almost two years ago and hurt my back. The doctor sent me to Dr. Laurie as a last try to help.

They should have had me begin here, it’s been a miracle for me. I can now sleep, walk, and move more freely. I will have to do this for the rest of my life, but, now I can get relief.

Since I did so well, my son-in-law and daughter have been here and are most pleased with the results. My son-in-law is disabled, but, Dr. Laurie has improved his life beyond belief. I cannot say enough what a blessing she is to our family.


Jane Thompson

I had a great experience at Dr. Laurie’s chiropractic office in Salem. Her methods were very gentle and effective. She works with those without insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic. I found it to be very affordable since I was paying out-of-pocket for the visit. I will be back!

Mindy – 2015

I have been receiving treatment From Doctor Laurie for the last eight months. I have found tremendous relief from chronic tension headaches and lingering issues from an injury that I received therapy for. It never completely corrected the pain issue and it started bothering me again. Doctor Laurie has also corrected that problem. My overall health has greatly improved as well as my overall sense of well-being. Thank you Doctor Laurie!!!!! I recommend her to friends and family all the time!!

Alicia Smith – 2015

Went and had Dr. Laurie work on my back and neck with her machine. It was really great and helped. I have been to other chiropractors before and Dr. Laurie did the best job. I felt an improvement and it was an enjoyable experience.

Lucas Knapp – 2015

I started getting adjusted by Dr. Laurie Hubbell-Smith when I was 5 Months pregnant. She took such good care of me and my unborn daughter. I had a very long hard labor during my first pregnancy. It lasted about 13 hours with 3 hours of pushing. Due to the adjustments I received during my second pregnancy I was able to deliver my 9 lb. 10 oz. daughter with no epidural. Thanks to Dr. Laurie Hubbell-Smiths treatment protocol I had my daughter in just 7 short minutes with only 30 minutes of labor.

Janelle Tyrkala – 2014

Dr. Laurie has been very thorough. I appreciate the time she took to listen to each of my concerns, as well as her gentle approach to healing. I am confident that her commitment to my total health has been the driving factor to my recovery. I highly recommend her!

Amazing Doctor, Great Location, awesome staff … When I’m in Aligned I feel just fine.
Ivonne Cline – 2015

I went to see Dr Laurie Hubbell-Smith in August of 2011. Her office is beautiful and welcoming. She made me feel very comfortable and explained the process of her adjustments thoroughly. I was in there for a back injury from 10 years prior and a neck injury from 2 years prior. The adjustment was easy and painless. I left with a lot less pain which lasted through to my next adjustment. I have now been seeing her for pain management ever since and my pain is still at a much lower and tolerable level. Thank you Dr Laurie for your knowledge and expertise!